PMS Capabilities

We provide expert management services to plan, manage and monitor a project from an initial level until the controlled handing over to the client.
Under this service, we implement the specialized management knowledge of our professionals including but limited to integration, cost controlling and scheduling …etc. which are tailored by taking into consideration the client requirements and contract documents of the project.

Saudi Arabian Projects

MAS ECC has been doing business in more KSA and UAE covering investment and development, construction engineering as well as survey and design

Centralized Support

At MAS Engineering & Construction Company Ltd. (MAS ECC), our commitment to excellence extends to every facet of our operations. To ensure seamless project execution and deliver exceptional results.

  • Procurement Division: Our dedicated procurement experts are responsible for sourcing high-quality materials and equipment while optimizing costs.
  • Technical Bid Management: Our Technical Bid Management team specializes in crafting comprehensive and competitive bids. We meticulously analyze project requirements, align technical solutions, and prepare winning proposals.
  • Engineering Management: With a focus on precision and innovation, our Engineering Management division oversees the technical aspects of our projects. We ensure that design and engineering align seamlessly, fostering efficient project execution.
  • BIM Management: Is at the core of our project planning and execution. Our BIM Management experts utilize cutting-edge technology to create digital models that enhance project visualization, coordination, and collaboration.
  • Civil Engineering Division: Our Civil Engineering experts specialize in planning, designing, and supervising infrastructure and construction projects. They ensure the structural integrity and safety of our projects.
  • Architecture Division: The Architecture Division brings aesthetic and functional excellence to our projects.
  • MEP Division: The MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing) Division focuses on the critical systems that make buildings functional. We ensure that our projects have efficient and reliable MEP systems in place.